Minecraft Servers

#1🇺🇸Purple Prison >>[Purple Prison]<< ❤❤❤ DISCORD.GG/PP ❤❤❤1524/1525★32397
#2🇨🇦ViperMC Viper ┃ store.vipermc.net ► Infernal's Citadel - 0d 0h 0m ◄447/5000★19638
#3🇨🇦CavePvPCavePvP ┃ Introducing Voice Chat! ➵ Fasts SOTW takes place Saturday at 1 PM EST!273/5000★19085
#4🇨🇦PvP Land PvP Land » Bot Fights and Bed Wars SUMMER UPDATE COMING SOON!121/1000★36180
#5🇨🇦Hypixel ☃ Hypixel Network SKYBLOCK STRANDED ☃ ✰ HOLIDAY SALE UP TO 85% OFF ✰70126/200000★70945
#6🇨🇦AkumaMC « *** » AkumaMC [1.8-1.18] « *** » Prison 2.0 is now live!213/2000★15915
#7🇨🇦SagePvPSagePvP » KIT SOTW + KIT MOTW * Cathedral on HCF is now LIVE, come play! 333/2000★15033
#8🇬🇧Wild Prison ■■■ WILDPRISON ★ [1.8-1.18] ■■■ NEW YEAR SEASON ★ JUST RESET464/1000★8121
#9🇨🇦OPLegends ✯✯✯ OPLegends [1.8-1.18] ✯✯✯ MEGA SMP: TROPHY TOP ADDED!220/2021★8000
#10🇩🇪McPlayHD Network >>> McPlayHD.net | Minigame Network <<< || WINTER UPDATE ||164/1000★14006

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Minecraft username?

To change your Minecraft username:

  1. Visit www.minecraft.net/profile, and log in with your Mojang account email address and password.
  2. Next to your Minecraft profile name, click the link that says "Change".
  3. Enter a new name, and confirm the new name by entering your password again.
  4. Click the "Change name" button.
Can you help me with a problem with my Minecraft account?
This website is not affiliated with Mojang or Microsoft, the developers of Minecraft. If you need help with your Minecraft account, please contact Minecraft Support.
How often can I change my Minecraft username?
You can change your Minecraft username once every 30 days.
After I change my Minecraft username, when does my old username become available?
You can switch back to your old username after 30 days. Everyone else must wait 37 days before they can switch to your old username.
What is a UUID?
UUID stands for Universally Unique Identifier. Every Minecraft account has a different UUID. For example, my UUID is 403e6cb7-a6ca-440a-8041-7fb1e579b5a5. The UUID of a Minecraft account will never change. This gives Minecraft servers a new way to track players and make sure that bans, ranks, etc, remain with the player even after they change their name.
How do I upload my Minecraft skin to NameMC?
Simply wear your skin on your Minecraft: Java Edition profile, wait 60 seconds, and then visit your profile page on NameMC. Your skin will be uploaded automatically.
Will you remove my Minecraft username history from this website?
Your Minecraft username history is intended to be visible to the public.¹ The goal of this website is to provide the most complete and accurate information possible. Therefore, any requests to have username information removed from this website will be ignored. If your username history contains personally identifiable information (i.e. your real name), you can contact Minecraft Support to get it removed.